Melbourne Homeowners’ SOS Guide: Navigating Foundation Settling Blues

Melbourne’s iconic skyline isn’t the only thing that’s been shifting lately. Beneath the feet of unsuspecting homeowners, something’s stirring. We’re talking about foundation settling. While the trams, coffee aromas, and ever-vibrant art scene paint a rosy picture, some homes are quietly crying out for help. If you’ve spotted suspicious cracks or doors that just won’t shut right, it might be time to consider Rectify homes. But fret not! Here’s a handy roadmap to navigate these shaky times.

1. Know the Symptoms:
Apart from cracks, look out for uneven floors, gaps between walls or between the wall and the ceiling, and windows that struggle to close. These are telltale signs that your foundation might be playing musical chairs.

2. Don’t Play the Waiting Game:
If you’re tempted to adopt the “she’ll be right” attitude, you might want to reconsider. Foundation issues don’t improve with age. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later can save you a heap of trouble (and cash) down the line.

3. Get a Professional Opinion:
While your mate Dave might fancy himself a DIY guru, foundation settling isn’t the time for amateur hour. Call in a professional to assess the situation. They’ll be able to identify the cause, the severity, and the best course of action.

4. Explore Underpinning Options:
Underpinning is like giving your home a new pair of sturdy boots. There are various methods available, with polyurethane injection being a popular choice in the Melbourne scene. The right method for your home will depend on factors like soil type, extent of damage, and your budget.

5. Monitor Post-Repair:
Once the underpinning’s done, keep an eye out for any further changes. While quality underpinning usually sorts the issue, it’s always a good idea to be vigilant.

6. Prevention is Key:
To keep future foundation woes at bay, ensure proper drainage around your property. Planting trees? Make sure they’re not too close to the house. Their roots can leech moisture from the soil, exacerbating settling issues.

7. Stay Informed:
Melbourne’s eclectic weather patterns, from sizzling summers to drenching downpours, can affect the ground beneath our homes. Stay informed about how environmental changes might impact foundation health.