Mattress Size Guide: From Single to Super King

Selecting the right mattress size is a crucial step in ensuring comfortable and restful sleep. At, a variety of mattress sizes are available, each designed to cater to different needs and room dimensions. Understanding the dimensions and suitability of each size can greatly enhance your sleep experience.

Starting with the single mattress, typically measuring 90cm x 190cm, it’s an ideal choice for children and solo sleepers with limited space. A single mattress provides ample room for an individual to sleep comfortably without taking up too much floor space, making it a practical option for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms.

Moving up in size, the small double or queen mattress measures approximately 120cm x 190cm. This size bridges the gap between a single and a double mattress, offering extra width for a single sleeper or cozy accommodations for two. It’s a popular choice for teenagers, guest rooms, or for solo sleepers who prefer more space to stretch out.

The standard double mattress, measuring around 135cm x 190cm, is a common choice for couples. It provides sufficient space for two people to sleep comfortably, without requiring as much room as larger mattress sizes. It’s a versatile option, fitting well in most standard-sized bedrooms.

For those seeking more space, the king-size mattress, typically 150cm x 200cm, offers an extra 15cm in width and 10cm in length compared to a double. This additional space can make a significant difference in comfort for couples, especially if one or both partners move around a lot during sleep.

The largest commonly available mattress size is the super king, measuring a spacious 180cm x 200cm. This size is perfect for couples who value ample space while sleeping or families who enjoy weekend morning cuddles with children. A super king mattress provides luxurious space and comfort but requires a larger bedroom to accommodate its size.